Endodontist Vs. Oral Surgeon: What Are The Differences?

Root Canal Treatment NYC

Looking for a root canal specialist in Manhattan might get you wondering, do you need an oral surgeon or an Endodontist? First, every patient seeking dental treatments should understand the differences between these similar yet distinct specialists. An Endodontist controls injury-related teeth issues and dental disease in order to preserve the natural tooth, whereas an oral surgeon usually removes the tooth that is beyond repair and places a dental implant in order to replace the tooth.  An oral surgeon also referred to as a maxillofacial surgeon, deals with procedures affecting the jaw, the mouth, or the entire face. 

What Types Of Surgeries Does An Endodontist Perform?

Although Endodontists perform a few oral operations, the procedures involve small incisions and require tiny instructions. The goal is to remove infection and work on diseases within root canals and the teeth, restoring them to their natural glory. Apicoectomy is one of the surgeries an Endodontist performs to access an inflamed section of tissue next to the tooth. People refer to Endodontists as tooth savers due to their unique ability to treat a severely infected tooth. Individuals visit them when experiencing tooth sensitivity, gum swelling, and tooth pain. Fifth Avenue Endodontics experts provide non-surgical and surgical root canal treatment. Which Procedures Does An Oral Surgeon Perform?

Oral surgeons operate on patients needing bone grafting, tooth extraction, and dental implant placement. Other operations include:

  • Extraction of wisdom teeth
  • Repairing cleft palate
  • Removal of cancerous lesions
  • Draining infected facial or oral tissues

When Should You See An Endodontist?

Most Endodontists have flexible schedules such that they can accommodate your emergency needs. A tooth abscess can pose a danger to your life; therefore, contact Fifth Avenue Endodontics experts at the first sign of pain. Do not wait too long, as it reduces the chances of saving your natural teeth. Contact our endodontist if:

  • Have a sensitive tooth to cold or hot foods and drinks
  • Swelling
  • Have an inflammation on the gums
  • Pain around your jaw and mouth

Although these two experts are a crucial part of your dental team, endodontists focus on your teeth, whereas oral surgeons deal with the entire face. Therefore, if you require endodontist NYC services, be careful not to select a general oral surgeon. Seek endodontic treatment if you have been experiencing some pain and want to preserve that beautiful smile.