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Bioceramics Material

Bioceramics refer to biomaterials that are used in direct contact with living tissue in the medical and dental field.

Bioactive Bioceramics used in dentistry is probably the most advanced materials used in Endodontics and have allowed for saving many teeth that would have been lost otherwise.

The first-generation bioceramic or hydraulic cement introduced in endodontics is mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) in the 1990s. It quickly became the material of choice for apical surgery, perforation repair, pulp capping, and apexification. MTA, however, had its limitations. It could not be used in a sealer form and could cause staining.

The new generation of Bioceramics has changed the use of these cement in Endodontics. It has all the same indications for use as the MTA. In addition, it is used as a sealer during the root canal obturation. Unlike traditional root canal sealers, it does not shrink. Therefore, we can rely on its sealing ability to fill the canals while minimizing the use of gutta-percha.

The purpose of the gutta-percha cone is to drive the sealer into cleaned isthmuses and irregular gaps. It also serves as a soft core that will allow for retreatment as set bioceramic cement is a challenge to go through with hand or rotary files.

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