Ultrasonic instruments are an essential part of good endodontics. Whether we are implementing conventional endodontic treatment, retreatment, or microsurgery…this technology is invaluable. Ultrasonic instruments are used effectively for a variety of applications. These instruments use ultrasound (acoustic frequency) technology with excellent accuracy.

Due to the specific nature of our practice area, endodontists are usually presented with complex cases that require extreme precision. Our ultrasonic tools do the majority of the mechanical work on these cases. Below we list the applications where ultrasonic instruments are utilized:

  • Conventional Endodontics
  • Breaking down calcifications
  • Locating canals
  • Post and core removal
  • Separated instrument removal
  • Surgical Endodontics
  • Retro preparation
ultrasonic instruments

Some benefits of using Ultrasonics:

Ultrasonic equipment allows for small osteotomy size (approx 4mm in diameter) openings, thus preserving bone. This prevents endo perio communication, which is a common reason for failure in conventional surgery. Ultrasonic instruments also eliminate the need for bevel, thus preserving bone. Finally, they allow visualization of missed canals, isthmus and fractures.

ultrasonics instrument