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How to keep teeth healthy through diet and nutrition – Part 2

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Keep your healthy Endodontist NYC New Yorkers like to eat. But have you ever thought about eating for your teeth? In Part 1 of this series we discussed foods that benefit your teeth — like celery and strawberries. We continue this helpful topic with more tips on keeping teeth healthy. If you already have had problems with decay and cavities, you want to pay special attention to what you eat. Some people have weaker teeth and weaker (thinner) enamel than others. Know your risk – speak to your dentist endodontist.


Sesame seeds are similar to celery in that they are also an abrasive food that can help “brush” the surface of teeth and remove bacteria causing debris. They are also high in calcium, which is important in bone and teeth formation, and are extremely easy to incorporate into the diet. Toss a handful of toasted sesame seeds on your next snack or meal, or sprinkle them in your salads.

Vitamin K is essential for bone growth and mineral absorption, it can help strengthen teeth enamel when paired with Vitamin D. Cruciferous vegetables, such as kale and broccoli, are very high in Vitamin K and other immune-boosting nutrients that can also contribute to healthier gums and teeth. Other great sources of this vitamin include egg yolks, hard cheese, pasteurized butter, fermented grains, and naturally-cured salami.


Parsley has been used as a natural breath freshener for ages. This herb is known for its antibacterial properties and may help prevent bacteria that can lead to lose of tooth enamel. Next time, chew some parsley in place of sugary gum or breath mints; not only will it freshen your breath, it can also save your teeth from sugars that can deteriorate enamel.

Now consider having some tea. Naturally high in antioxidants for a healthier oral cavity, almost all leaves that brew tea also contains fluoride, which protects tooth enamel from decay. Green tea, in particular, also contains the antioxidant polyphenol, which protects the teeth by preventing plaque from adhering to its surface. As an added bonus, freshly brewed tea may also help eliminate bad breath for a more presentable smile.


Drinking water can ensure a clean mouth, it washes away trapped debris between teeth that serve as a breeding ground for enamel harming bacteria. For the sake of your teeth, it is also advisable to swish and rinse the oral cavity with water after drinking or eating highly acidic or enamel-dissolving foods, such as alcohol, coffee, or lemons, to keep the harsh foods from dissolving teeth surface and enamel. By keeping yourself hydrated, your body can also have a stronger immune system to potentially help ward off gum disease, which in turn, can be detrimental to tooth enamel.

You’ve heard this from your dentist – but we’ll reiterate it – avoid soda and sugary drinks. Sodas and sweet juice drinks have high sugar levels. Enjoy them rarely, and stick to water and less acidic beverages. If you must have fruit juice, water it down. Your endodontist NYC at Fifth Avenue Endodontics wants you to have clean, healthy teeth! Contact us to learn more. Thanks for reading.

Plaque, Tartar and Decay

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New York City Root Canal Treatment

We instinctively take care of our heart. We worry about our weight, our liver, and our health. But we don’t think of the health of our MOUTH very often, do we? But your mouth deserves your attention – because you don’t want plaque and you don’t want tooth decay.

Dental plaque is, you could say, your mouth’s worst enemy. Or at least, the worst enemy to your teeth. Plaque is basically a sticky film that covers your tooth enamel and contains bacteria. It is also an ideal setting for bacteria to grow. Where there is plaque – and it’s left alone – there is decay. The bacteria in plaque contributes to gum disease as well as tooth decay.

So, what is plaque made of? Well, it’s actually comprised of tiny leftover food particles, mixed with your saliva. When you brush after every meal, you do not give plaque a chance to grow. Brushing removes the tiny food particles that inevitably are left behind after we eat. If someone goes several days without brushing their teeth, the plaque hardens and actually sticks very well to the tooth enamel. At this point, it becomes what dentists call tartar. Tartar makes your teeth turn various shades of yellow and can also cause bad breath. It is difficult to remove — it has to be scraped off with a dental instrument.

dental plaque New York City root canal treatment

It is interesting to note that plaque forms because of a chemical reaction that takes place in the mouth. Plaque actually needs carbohydrates to form. And luckily for plaque, carbohydrates are found in just about every food. It stands to reason that foods containing a lot of sugar have more carbohydrates — this is why you always heard as a child that if you ate too much candy and cookies, you would get cavities.

There are many health benefits to a low-carb diet and less plaque is one of them. You can talk to your nutritionist, functional medicine doctor, or your general practitioner about reducing carbohydrates. And reducing sugar in the diet is always good. Sugar does damage in the body far beyond just affecting your teeth.

While brushing your teeth after every time you eat something seems excessive, it certainly can’t hurt to brush after every meal. But, dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice per day, ideally once after breakfast, and once before bed. Flossing also helps remove plaque and ensures that it won’t have time to become tartar because plaque can exist between your teeth where your brush doesn’t reach.

Most dentists will tell you that you have about 48 hours before plaque begins to harden and tartar formation begins. You might be surprised to learn that 80% or more of American adults have periodontal disease that is caused by the formation of plaque. Plaque actually begins to harden within just a few hours of forming. It is quite resilient. Note that drinking things like green tea and cranberry juice helps prevent plaque buildup.

Another interesting fact: pregnant women are more likely to have plaque buildup and can have increased tooth decay during pregnancy.

Let’s face it — cavities, yellow teeth, tooth pain, and bad breath are not things we want. Gum disease is not fun either. All of these can be prevented with proper dental care. As your New York City endodontist, we’ve seen the damage that a poor diet and/or poor dental care can cause to our teeth. Many people with their busy lives don’t take the time to brush and floss properly or they ignore a tooth problem until it really hurts. And that is when the decay could require a root canal.

The good news is, today’s root canal procedure is very standard and painless. Advancements in dental care treatment have made root canals, crowns and other dental procedures much faster and easier to perform — and they heal faster as well. If you have a question about getting the new york city root canal treatment or other dental question — feel free to call and speak to us here at Fifth Avenue Endodontics, your New York City root canal treatment specialist.

Dr. Iofin Elected President of New York State Association of Endodontists

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Dr. Iofin Elected President of New York State Association of Endodontists

Dr Alexander Iofin - President of New York State Association of EndodontistsDr. Aleksander Iofin was recently elected to serve as the President of the New York State Association of Endodontists, after completing his term as Treasurer and then Vice-President of the organization.

In Dr. Iofin’s new role as President, he looks forward to giving back and helping not only improve health services for the public, but also advancing the art, research, and science of Endodontics.

As the leader of the New York State Association of Endodontists, Dr. Iofin is responsible for organizing a cutting-edge educational program at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, the largest dental meeting in the country—with over 53,000 attendees—this upcoming November at the Javits Center in New York City.

In Dr. Iofin’s practice, Fifth Avenue Endodontics at Rockefeller Center, he focuses on integrating state-of-the-art tools and patient education into his work to help provide a pain-free (and dare we say pleasurable?) experience for all of his patients.

Because at the heart of it, Dr. Iofin believes comfort is the key to a successful patient experience. His patients couldn’t agree more.

The Fifth Avenue Endodontics team, including partner Dr. Syngcuk Kim, one of the most respected endodontists worldwide, distinguishes their practice as being on the vanguard of technology in patient care, integrating microsurgery and advanced technology into their practice such as the Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), a new diagnostic scanner that gives one of the best quality 3-D “real time” images available on the market today.

Dr. Iofin practices endodontics full-time at Fifth Avenue Endodontics and teaches part-time as an Assistant Clinical Professor of the Department of Endodontics at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

So yes, you could say Dr. Iofin knows A LOT about root canals and patient care.

If you need a tooth saved, schedule your consultation by contacting us here or calling: 212-757-1000.