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In several decades of performing dental surgeries and practicing endodontic care, we have treated thousands of patients. We consistently rank high in client satisfaction and our reputation is outstanding. Many of our patients contact us post-treatment to thank us for a job well done.

Below we share some written and video testimonials from real clients. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are choosing a reputable, highly skilled, caring endodontist when you come to us.

Edmond Utley Jr.
Edmond Utley Jr.
Unfortunately, as part of an ongoing dental problem I needed a root canal. My primary dentist referred me to Dr. Iofin . To say I was anxious about another root canal is an understatement. In the past, the procedure seemed to last forever and there was always some point reached where a lightning bolt of discomfort, okay pain, occurred that would be etched into your psyche. Anyway, I’m sure Dr. Iofin could see how anxious I was and he did his best to assure me there would be no problems. Well, he was true to his word. The procedure was absolutely no problem at all. Completely, and I mean completely, painless. And I don’t think it took him more than forty minutes. I was in and out of the office, including paperwork and a post procedure chat, oh, and some X-rays and a 3D imaging session in about an hour. Kudos to Dr. Iofin and his staff. He is truly a craftsman. Background music is good, too.
Brian Maier
Brian Maier
I have been a patient of Dr Iofin for years, but until recently only needed him for limited procedures. Recently I had 2 simultaneous, fairly unusual internally decayed teeth which caused the most excruciating pain I have ever endured. After a quick 3-D x-Ray, Dr Iofin quickly determined which of the two problem teeth was causing the majority of the pain, and immediately performed the root canal to provide instant pain relief. The remaining procedures were smooth and effective, and Dr Iofin was in close communication with my Dentist throughout the entire experience. He is a pro.
I highly recommend Dr. Iofine who was thorough, thoughtful and kind. The procedure was beautifully handled and pain-free.
Christopher Volpe
Christopher Volpe
After neglecting my dental health for most of COVID I ended up with a badly infected tooth that needed an urgent root canal. The tooth was really infected so Dr. Iofin split the procedure up into two different visits. First he drilled into the tooth, cleared most of the infection, then packed the tooth with antibiotics. Then 3 weeks later I came back for a follow up and he completed the root canal. Sophie at the front desk was super nice and communicative, they were upfront about pricing, and there was no extra charge to split the procedure up and do it properly, just the standard charge that I would have paid had it been completed in one visit. She was also pro-active about my follow-up with my dentist for a crown and reached out to me for their contact info so the office could send over my history and imaging. Hopefully I won’t need any more serious dental work in the future but if I do I will be coming back here.
Howard Siegelman
Howard Siegelman
My experience of Five Avenue Endodontics (Dr. Iofin) could not have been more positive. From Sophie's friendly greeting at the front desk through a PAINLESS root canal procedure I felt very well attended to. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Iofin's skill and reassuring "bedside" manner. Root canals are supposed to be scary and awful ... but not with Dr. Iofin and his team! It was a breeze! Hooray!!!
Leo Fiorica
Leo Fiorica
From Sophie the Office Manager to Dr. Kim and the staff my experience at Fifth Avenue Endodontics is great. I had a troubled root that needed surgery from an infection. The practice always followed up with me and years later it needed attention again for circumstances beyond the work. Dr. Kim backed his work and was able to save my back tooth after having fully assessed the situation. You are in good hands at this place.
Luis Brito Arias
Luis Brito Arias
Definitely one of the best experiences with dentists ever. Dr. Iofin diagnosed and fixed, my issue the same day. The assistants at the office are great and knowledgeable as well. Would recommend anyone to go there.
Arnold Gans
Arnold Gans
In our busy world, there seems little time left to reflect on the big scene. My visit to Dr. Iofin made for me by my family dental care professional of my years was driven by the unknown and apprehension. Dr.Iofin upon a look-see and electronic exam proceeded to give me a complete explanation both visual and verbal of what my situation was and the options --then his suggestion on how to proceed. A complete sense of belonging and interpersonal relationship set-in. Before I knew it, I had walked 25 NYC blocks back to my appt. totally relaxed. Arnold Gans New York City,NY
Lida Ost
Lida Ost
Dr. Aleksandr Iofin is the best! I'm never scared going to his office, knowing he'll do everything perfectly and painlessly. He is very attentive and kind. Never had any issues after the treatments. His office is equipped with the latest technologies. The personnel always great me with a smile - all are great ladies! If you are looking for a dentist, look no further - just go to Dr. Iofin.

Additional Clients Testimonials

Adelheid C. - Dental Patient
At Rockefeller Center, Dr. Aleksander Iofin re-defines the terminology “root-canal” while remaining less expensive than other endodontists in town. Overall, anxieties were met/combated with up-lifting intelligence, state-of-the art technology (cleanest equipment, high-tech instruments, classical music), and extremely skilled techniques. During both visits – not being the easiest of all cases – I have never experienced any pain. A big, big thank you to Dr. Iofin and his caring team (they even called the next day to see, if I was still breathing). I am definitively ready for my next one.
Adelheid C. New York, NY
Sara - Dental Patient
I needed an enodontist asap. my dentist recommended dr. iofin. they were great about seeing me, my care was wonderful and the after effects were simply pain free. i would have no trouble recommending him to anyone.
Sara S. New York, NY
John - Dental Patient
Dr. Iofin was by far amazing. I have never recieved service as Phenomenal. I would recomend Dr Iofin to anyone.
John L. New York, NY
Stella, New York - Dental Patient
I’ve had major problems with a post that was misplaced by my former dentist. The hole for the post was drilled off center into the jaw, causing inflamation and recession of the bone. Since this tooth was one of the basis for a bridge, the whole prothesis was jeopardized and I would have needed 2 implants and a new crown to close the gap. Dr. Kim opened the jaw, cut away the post reaching into the jaw, sealed the root and managed to get the bone to rebuild. Magic! This saved me from going throught months of treatments and spending a fortune. I had absolutely no pain during and after surgery except for slight discomfort during the healing process. Dr. Kim called after surgery and checked the tooth/jaw every 3 months for more than a year without charge. On another incidence, where I was about to loose another tooth, caused by malpractice of my former dentist, Dr. Kim again performed magically! I had a root resection done earlier and for unknown reasons the tip of the root was left in the jaw, causing a tremendous inflamation. Critical on this surgery was, that the tip was located very close to my sinus. Guess why it was left there! Dr. Kim is absolutely the best!
Anonymous New York, NY
Over the last 10 years I went through several endodontists and had to redo the same root canals over and over again. I finally found Dr Iofin – an endodontists that fixed them once and, I hope, for very long. It has been at least 3 years so far. My original root canals were very bad – messed up by Soviet dentistry. Finally, I am pain and inflamation free. I highly recommend Dr. Iofin and Dr. Kim to anyone that cares about their dental health. If you are liooking for a 5 star setting, you might have to go somewhere else (for who knows what treatment). If you want oral health – come to theses doctors.
Julia G New York, NY
Dr. Kim is the best dentist I have encountered. My treatment was quick, relaxed, and totally pain-free! Thank you! I’d reccomend Dr. Kim to anyone !
Anonymous Queens, NY
Dr Iofin is a true prof. in his field. He is very gentle, listens and is very thorough. I was in a lot of pain and his team took care of me in an emergency. My experience in his care was exceptional. More doctors could follow his lead. His team and follow up were top notch. I’m greatful for his care and any patient would be lucky to find him and be in his care.
Anonymous Scarsdale, NY
My name is Martin Bols, 44 years old. I moved to the United States 3 years ago. I consider myself one of the more challenging cases, because of my dental treatment history! I’ve had several root canal treatments and root resections done in Germany over the past 15 years. Due to improper treatment by my German dentist most of those procedures needed to be redone. Before I met Dr. Iofin I was desperate and in constant pain. I highly recommend Dr. Iofin for various reasons: 1. no pain during and after any of the treatments/surgeries 2. highly professional and conscientious way of working 3. high standard equipment 4. very caring and empathetic 5. very reasonable pricing 6. very flexible appointment policy
Martin B Ossining, NY
I have extreme anxiety prior to dentist visits and I was more than pleasantly surprised about the professional care, calming ways, interest in my particular case, empathetic follow up, expert understanding and the way my pharmaceutical allergies were taken serious (which has unfortunately not always been an implicitness with other doctors). The front desk and his assistant are very friendly. I had a chronic inflammation that had caused me lots of pain which my previous doctor could even after several treatments not get under control. Dr. Iofin did a wonderful job, I am pain free now, for the first time after months with my previous doctor. I recommend Dr. Iofin warmly to everybody!
Anonymous New York, NY
Dr. Iofin took the time to explain the nature and implications of what he was treating, and then very methodically and carefully went about affecting a curative treatment. He constantly checked how I was doing, and showed a commitment to customer satisfaction rarely seen in health care these days. While from a selfish personal health perspective I hope I never have to see him again, I know that at the first indication of any endodontic issues he will be the first call I make, even though my dental plan has abysmal coverage for out of network care. …The equipment appeared mostly new or near new and he used a few little devices that in nearly 50-some years of going to the dentist had yet to cross my radar. I’m a bit of a geek, so it got my attention.
Michael B. New York, NY
I’m a 26y/o gal who got into a bad bicycle accident and knocked out 3 of my front teeth – serious trauma! I was determined to find the BEST team of dentists in NY who could make my smile like new again. After 7+ consult appointments, I found Dr. Iofin and Dr. Bertini – a superstar team! Due to the severity of my case, I’ve had to spend a LOT of time in Dr. Iofin’s office and I know that he and his staff will provide top notch care every visit. Dr. Iofin is extremely intelligent, patient, kind, and thorough in all of his work, making sure that the health of my teeth comes first. I’m almost done with my root canals, which we have done in stages of medication prior to filling the teeth in order to ensure the best results. I can’t say it’s been pain free or easy, but I have always trusted that I’m in the best hands for the longevity of my teeth. Dr. Iofin works closely (now on the same floor in the same building) with my Prosthetic Dentist, Dr. Bertini, and they are in constant communication regarding my case. I’d refer anyone who needs root canal work done to Dr. Iofin. IT’S YOUR TEETH! Don’t settle for less!
Jessica M. Brooklyn, NY
My name is Kathy Eichen, 55 years old and suffered approximately 15 years of extreme pain and swelling on the upper left molars. After going to numerous dentists and getting no satisfaction, I was referred to Dr. Iofin, via Dr. Rowan. Dr. Iofin found that my root canal was extremely old and had metal prongs. These prongs had deterioated and caused an infection in the gums and bone. Dr. Iofin performed a root canal retreatment. It took three appointments that ran approximately one to two hours per visit . He successfully removed the crown (completely intact ) , removed all three metal prongs and completely cleaned out the majority of the infection. He refilled the root canal and placed the previous crown. This saved me quite a bit of money and most importantly, left me with no more pain. He did a magnificent job. He was very meticulous, patient, kind and my end result is no more pain and the ability to chew now on my left side. I haven’t been able to do that for approximately 15 years. I highly recommend Dr. Iofin. He is an excellent physician.
Kathy E New York, NY
I was in quite a bit of pain and I was told by my dentist that I should find an Endodontist. As my dentist doesn’t live in NY, he couldn’t recommend anyone, so I had to read reviews online and gather as much information as I could before making a choice. Eventually, I called Dr. Iofin’s office and set up an appointment, I’m glad that I did. Right away I had the sense that I was dealing with a skilled and knowledgeable professional (the diploma from Harvard doesn’t hurt). The procedure itself was quick and surprisingly painless and I felt so much better afterward. Dr. Iofin also has great bedside manner, is friendly, and explains everything clearly. This professionalism is also true of his staff at the front desk, Sophie, and his assistant. If you need a root canal, you need a Endodontist. If you need an Endodontist, I highly recommend Dr. Iofin.
Joseph M. Brooklyn, NY
Dr Iofin is an outstanding Endodontist. Both he and his staff were accomodating, compassionate, and professional. He explained the procedure in detail using illustrations and xrays with great clarity. His mastery of the procedure was obvious from the outet and I knew I was in excellent hands. Physicians can be very critical of each other due to shared insights. Dr Iofin impressed me so much that I am already recommending him to colleagues.
Williams O. Manhattan, NY
I needed to get a root canal and was recommend to Dr. Iofin… He is the best there is in nyc… no need to research any other dentist. The procedure was painless and his staff is extremely professional…Dr. Iofin use the latest cutting edge technology and is extremly knowledgeable and compassionate… He asked me several times during the procedure how I was feeling.. Dr. Iofin is a very talented and understanding Endodontist…you will be in great care with him.
Al J. Mt. Kisco, NY
Highly recommended root canals with Dr. Iofin! The entire procedure was performed skillfully and effortlessly. Dr. Iofin answered all my questions without condescension. And throughout, he was patient, thoughtful and considerate. He uses the latest technology. His offices are clean. His receptionist is nice and his assistant also very pleasant and capable. Dr. Iofin did such a good job that I did not require a post buildup, saving me a couple hundred dollars! Plus my x-ray looked fantastic. I’ve had two prior root canals – both of them painful and exhausting nightmares. The first time I threw up from nausea. The dentist didn’t stop. He simply wiped it up and mumbled something about “getting it over with”. Half way through my second root canal, the anesthesia ran out. My eyes rolled upward into the back of my head and I imagined that this may be the kind of pain that amputees experience during wartime. My next thought was, “Torture is wrong, no matter what the justification. And besides, any information derived from me at this moment would be completely unreliable.” My latest and third root canal with Dr. Iofin, however, was one of the BEST DENTAL EXPERIENCES EVER. I hope that everyone gets to have such a kind and funny man for a dentist. (Funny as in makes you laugh, not as in funny looking. He’s actually very nice looking.)
Stephanie W. New York, NY
I just had one candy from my son’ “trick or treats” bucket — this candy worked as very well designed inlay’ extraction tool – as the result I ended up looking for urgent endodontics’ help . I called Dr. Aleksander Iofin office and beg for help – Dr. Iofin sacrificed his lunch and accepted me the same day I called. The staff are friendly and nice, Dr. Iofin is really a Holy Grail of endodontics, and the atmosphere is wonderful. My recommendation: just relax. Dr. Aleksander Iofin did an awesome job – it took less than an hour start to finish, and I literally felt nothing.
Yefim N. Suffern, NY
Dr. Iofin in excellent. I had an accident and needed a root canal and various dental procedures immediately, which he handled very well. I was very nervous about it and in a lot of pain, but I felt that I was in very good hands. All my followup appointments and xrays have show I am healing well, and I don’t feel rushed asking questions or scheduling an appointment if I am concerned about anything. Dr. Iofin’s entire staff are also wonderful. I highly recommend this doctor.
M.B. Brooklyn, NY
I met Dr. Iofin as a referral from my dentist for a root canal. He was incredibly flexible with my busy schedule and saw me on the same day of my referral which I was very, very grateful for because I had excrutiating tooth pain. Not only is his staff helpful and pleasant, Dr. Iofin was incredibly nice, proficient, and attentive. I had my initial consultation with him, placed me on antibiotics (which another plus was that I didn’t even have to fill the prescription, the office gave me my one week supply of antibiotics) and then he performed my root canal one week later. Surprisingly, the procedure was overall pretty painless and I’m very pleased. For anyone who is looking for an endodontist in the city, I highly recommend Dr. Iofin!
Christian L. New York, NY
My name is Eugene Loziner and I visited Dr. Iofin’s office for a surgery. I was very impressed by his profesionalism and knowledge as well as the latest dental tools in his office. The surgery was pain-free and Dr. Iofin and his team were very friendly and caring before, during and after the surgery. Bottom line, I would highly recommend Dr. Iofin to everyone as I truly believe he is the best in his field as well as a very caring and friendly person.
Eugene L. Staten Island, NY
I highly recommend Doctor Iofin he is a master in his profession. He saved my two teeth when I already lost all hope. He is very knowledgeable and caring Doctor.
Anna L. Staten Island, NY

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