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Endodontics Microsurgery

Why Would I Need Endodontic Surgery?

  • Endodontic surgery saves you from having to deal with continuous and severe tooth pain.
  • Detect hidden fractures or small canals in your teeth. Sometimes, x-rays barely detect such issues, and surgery could provide further diagnoses your dentist might have missed during the initial treatment. 
  • Sometimes, surgery is necessary to eliminate calcium deposits in root canals or to address issues with damaged root surfaces or the surrounding bone.
  • Endodontic surgery reaches areas non-surgical equipment could not reach, offering incredible and satisfactory results.
  • Protect Your Teeth: Say No to Infections after Root Canal Procedure with a Trustworthy Endodontist in New York.
  • Surgery saves your natural teeth, allowing you to maintain their functionality and still enjoy your favorite foods.

Apicoectomy Overview

Experience effective and precise treatment with Endodontic microsurgery. Our skilled Endodontist carefully opens the gum tissue surrounding the affected tooth to eliminate bacteria and inflammation. If necessary, they will also address any damage to the nearby bones. To ensure lasting results, a root-end filling is expertly placed to prevent future reinfections. Trust our experienced Doctor to guide you towards a healthier, infection-free smile.

Is there Any Other Endodontic Surgery?

Other procedures we might perform include but are not limited to:

  • Repairing injured teeth
  • Dental roots removal
  • Dividing a tooth into half
  • Intentional replantation: it involves tooth extraction, treatment, and replacement back to its socket

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Does Apicoectomy Hurt?

Since Endodontists use local anesthesia, you will be very comfortable during the procedure. There is some discomfort during healing, but it barely affects your daily routine. We offer postoperative procedures to follow and prescribe pain killers to keep you going during your healing journey.

Can I Drive Myself Back Home?

In most cases, yes, but to be on the safe side, consult your endodontist to arrange a transportation method. 

How Can I Tell If The Procedure Was Successful?

There is no medical or dental procedure that provides a 100% guarantee. However, endodontic surgery when performed by a properly trained endodontist has a very high success rate. Talk to us to make an informed decision.

Any Alternatives to Apicoectomy?

Tooth extraction would be a viable option. However, if you remove the tooth, consider replacing it to provide balance to the adjacent teeth.

When Should I Resume My Daily Activities?

The next day would work! Talk to us about your recovery process if you need some advice.

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