Manhattan Endodontics: Improving Patient Care in 2 Important Ways

Manhattan Endodontist, NYC Root Canal Specialist

Root canal therapy is an investment of time and money, but it is also an investment in your health. Avoiding root canal treatment can lead to a variety of health and dental problems—the most concerning being an active infection.

Having your root canal procedure done at a Manhattan Endodontics office may cost more than having it done at a general dental office, but the investment is totally worth it. Endodontic specialists have more experience, and one of their main focuses is on finding ways to improve patient care.

2 Ways a Root Canal Specialist in NYC Works to Improve Patient Care

There are 2 ways in particular that NYC root canal specialists are working hard to improve patient care.

  1. Reducing Stress through Better Communication

Root canal procedures are stress-inducing enough. Add to that the anxiety a patient might have over the cost of the procedure and the likelihood for physical and emotional discomfort is high. A root canal specialist works hard to reduce the patient’s stress by openly communicating with them.

They do this by thoroughly explaining the procedure—verbally and with diagrams. At Fifth Avenue Endodontics, we even provide educational videos so that our patients understand what a root canal procedure is, why it’s needed and what will happen during their appointment. All of this contributes to a more comfortable patient experience.

  1. The Utilization of New Technologies

Endodontists receive extra training to become a specialist. Their training doesn’t stop when they graduate, though. NYC root canal specialists are required to continue their education throughout their career, and a quality Endodontist will not just focus on the basic requirements. Fifth Avenue Endodontic in Manhattan have the latest, cutting edge technology. This technology improves the quality of their work and the patient’s comfort.

The latest technologies include:

  • Dental operating microscopes for improved vision
  • Piezoelectric ultrasonic energy for minimally invasive procedures
  • Nickel-titanium endodontic instruments for accuracy and predictability

In addition to these, science has provided us with better filling materials, CAD/CAM technology, and high-tech machines. These newest advances in Endodontics have helped Endodontic offices in Manhattan and elsewhere to practice with predictability. In addition, more teeth are being saved because of technology; whereas in the past the damage many have been too pervasive to save the tooth.

Fifth Avenue Endodontics—Working Hard to Care for Your Endodontic Needs

As a premier Manhattan Endodontics office, we at Fifth Avenue Endodontics work hard to educate ourselves on the best ways to care for our patients. We understand that people don’t want to deal with dental procedures, which is why it is so important to us to find ways to support our patients and keep them comfortable.

We also recognize that seeing a root canal specialist in NYC is an investment of time and money. Therefore, we continually educate ourselves on the latest treatments, techniques, and equipment.

If you need root canal therapy, please call us today. At Fifth Avenue Endodontics you will receive the support and specialized care you need.