Discover the Secrets to Healthy Teeth: The Best and Worst Foods for Your Smile


Are you paying attention to your teeth when it comes to your food choices? Your teeth deserve some love too! Learn which foods are the heroes and villains for your pearly whites.

Your teeth are on the front lines when it comes to the impact of food. But fear not – armed with knowledge, you can defend your dental health. Find out which foods are allies for your mouth and which ones may harm your teeth and gums.

Let’s start with the sugar culprit. That beloved sweetener we pour into our coffee? It’s not so sweet for our teeth. Indulging in candy, lollipops, cake, and cookies can also wreak havoc on your dental health. Perhaps you’re familiar with fillings from your childhood due to sugar overload. Natural sugars like those found in fruit are okay in moderation, but beware of agave nectar, stevia, and artificial sweeteners. Stick to just a dash of Splenda or experiment with other natural sweeteners that work for you.

Crunchy foods to the rescue! Bacteria is the root of decay, so any foods that combat bacteria are dental superheroes. Surprisingly, sugar actually promotes bacteria growth, whereas foods like celery, carrots, apples, and cucumbers not only stimulate saliva production to fight bacteria, but also help prevent plaque formation on your teeth and gums. Make it a habit to crunch on a fruit each day, ideally in the morning. This way, any sugar is burned off throughout the day instead of being stored as fat.

Don’t forget about dairy! Calcium is vital not just for strong teeth, but also for healthy bones. Many people lack calcium in their diet. Are you getting enough yogurt, milk, cheese, and maybe a little low-sugar ice cream? Sunflower seeds are another calcium-rich snack that promotes tooth enamel. Give them a try!


Let’s talk beverages. Are you sipping on sugary drinks like lemonade, sweetened tea, energy drinks, sports drinks, or sodas? Unfortunately, these beverages are not tooth-friendly and can potentially lead to cavities. They also pack on excess sugar, which has been linked to various health issues. Think wisely when choosing your beverages. Consider mixing a small amount of fruit juice or lemonade with water, opting for light iced tea with ice and lemon, or even switching to green tea to protect your pearly whites. And if you’re concerned about teeth staining, limit dark beverages like coffee and switch to lighter-colored options.

Be mindful of certain foods that can get stuck between your teeth, such as breads, crackers, and potato chips. These hidden particles create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why flossing is crucial!

Ultimately, it’s up to you to protect your teeth and prevent decay. As New York City’s trusted root canal specialists, we’ve witnessed the consequences of poor dental health. Take charge of your oral health, New York! Say goodbye to candy bars and say hello to satisfying alternatives like celery with peanut butter or apples with almond butter. Your teeth will thank you.