Our First Blog Has To Be a Thank You!

As we immerse ourselves into the arena of social media, we are excited to post blogs on a weekly basis with one of the biggest missions in mind: to educate others on what they can do for better dental care and preventative methods to stay out of a Doctors chair.

Perhaps that is an odd approach for some professionals in our field, but with Fifth Avenue Endodontics being a leader in the industry through state of the art technology and patient care, our calling is to decrease health costs and promote a healthy lifestyle.

We’d like to share a few comments from our clients and look forward to sharing educational information in the months to come and receiving feedback from you as well;

“At Rockefeller Center, Dr. Aleksander Iofin re-defines the terminology “root-canal” while remaining less expensive than other Endodontists in town.
Overall, anxieties were met/combated with up-lifting intelligence, state-of-the art technology (cleanest equipment, high-tech instruments, classical music), and extremely skilled techniques.
During both visits – not being the easiest of all cases – I have never experienced any pain. A big, big thank you to Dr. Iofin and his caring team (they even called the next day to see, if I was still breathing). I am definitively ready for my next one.”

Adelheid C.
New York, NY


“Dr. Iofin was by far amazing. I have never received service as Phenomenal. I would recommend Dr. Iofin to anyone.

John L.
New York, NY

“I needed an Endodontist, ASAP. My dentist recommended Dr.Iofin and they were great about seeing me, my care was wonderful and the after effects were simply pain free. I would have no trouble recommending him to anyone.”

Sara S.
New York, NY







” I’ve had major problems with a post that was misplaced by my former dentist.
The hole for the post was drilled off center into the jaw, causing inflammation and recession of the bone. Since this tooth was one of the bases for a bridge, the whole prosthesis was jeopardized and I would have needed 2 implants and a new crown to close the gap.

Dr. Kim opened the jaw, cut away the post reaching into the jaw, sealed the root and managed to get the bone to rebuild. Magic! This saved me from going through months of treatments and spending a fortune. I had absolutely no pain during and after surgery except for slight discomfort during the healing process. Dr. Kim called after surgery and checked the tooth/jaw every 3 months for more than a year without charge.

On another incidence, where I was about to lose another tooth, caused by malpractice of my former dentist, Dr. Kim again performed magically! I had a root resection done earlier and for unknown reasons the tip of the root was left in the jaw, causing a tremendous inflammation. Critical on this surgery was, that the tip was located very close to my sinus.


Guess why it was left there! Dr. Kim is absolutely the best! “

New York, NY