Choosing an Endodontist: More Than Just Online Reviews


When it comes to finding a healthcare specialist, most people turn to online reviews for guidance. That’s a smart move to gauge things like bedside manner and overall patient satisfaction. As an endodontic specialist in NYC, we appreciate the feedback and rave reviews. However, there’s something even more crucial to consider when seeking an endodontist.

The Key: A Strong Relationship Between Your Dentist and Endodontic Specialist in NYC

To ensure seamless dental care, it’s critical that your primary dentist and endodontic specialist have a solid working relationship. Adequate follow-up with your primary dentist is vital for the success of many endodontic procedures. Without it, the results of root canal therapy could be compromised. That’s why finding an endodontist who collaborates well with primary dentists is essential for optimal outcomes.


Reasons for Inadequate Follow-Up

Lack of a primary dentist: Some insurances don’t require a referral, so patients skip seeing a primary dentist and go straight to a specialist. This often happens when people search for dental specialists online without a proper diagnosis or treatment plan.

Lack of understanding: Patients mistakenly believe that after a root canal therapy, their treatment is complete because symptoms have disappeared. However, completing the crown is the most crucial part to prevent bacterial leakage. It’s important to seal the crown within two weeks and prevent reinfection of the treated tooth.

Geographical inconvenience: Sometimes patients choose an endodontist who is located far away, making follow-up care difficult. If you need to travel for a specialist, it’s crucial that they communicate with your local dentist to ensure you receive necessary care after your procedure.

Underestimating the importance of follow-up care: Some patients don’t realize the significance of follow-up care. While an endodontist can make significant improvements in your dental health, they won’t be able to provide routine check-ups. After healing, it’s your primary dentist’s responsibility to monitor your oral health and recommend any additional treatment you may need.

What Should You Do?

If you’re looking for an endodontist, we recommend asking your primary dentist for local specialist recommendations that are in-network. You can also find an endodontist online with great reviews and reach out to see if they have a working relationship with your primary dentist. This partnership ensures:

  • Easy communication between your primary dentist and endodontist regarding your dental care.
  • Access to excellent dental work from professionals with a strong working relationship.
  • Working with an experienced endodontist with a proven track record and predictable outcomes, as recommended by your primary dentist.
  • Finding an endodontist with positive patient feedback (online reviews) and a good professional relationship with primary dentists is crucial for a successful dental procedure. And don’t overlook the value of follow-up care with your primary dentist after your root canal procedure, especially for a new crown.