How Long Does a Root Canal Take? Find Out Here!


We understand that your time is valuable, especially when it comes to saving a natural tooth through a root canal procedure. That’s why we want to give you a clear idea of how much time you can expect to commit to the endodontist. We take into account various factors, such as the condition of your tooth and which tooth is involved, to determine the duration of the procedure.

Here’s a breakdown of the factors that can impact the length of your root canal, including important considerations before and after the treatment:

Preliminary Examination: Before your root canal, we conduct a comprehensive examination to confirm the diagnosis and plan your treatment.

Antibiotic Treatment: In some cases, if your tooth is severely infected, you may need to complete a course of antibiotics before the root canal procedure. This may cause a delay in your appointment or make the treatment more complex.


Tooth Preparation: Prior to the root canal, your endodontist will prepare the affected tooth. This involves numbing the area with local anesthesia and placing a dental dam to isolate the tooth and maintain cleanliness.

Root Canal Treatment NYC: The actual root canal procedure can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. This includes cleaning the root canals, using a disinfecting agent, and applying a temporary filling. The complexity of the tooth, particularly if it has multiple roots, may affect the duration.

Follow-up Appointment: After the root canal, it is crucial to schedule a follow-up appointment for a permanent restoration. A crown is typically placed to provide added protection against reinfection or further damage. Swift placement of the crown is essential to ensure the success of the root canal treatment.

We hope this information gives you peace of mind and helps you plan your time accordingly. Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing efficient and effective root canal procedures to save your natural tooth.