How Can You Find A Treatment For A Painful Decaying Tooth?

Root Canal Treatment

Getting treatment for a painful decaying tooth requires a dentist who has a specialization in endodontics and is competent in treating the decay in a tooth. When you go to a dentist, he or she will suggest ways  you can get relief from pain caused by decay. While antibiotics may help a little, one of the most effective ways to treat an infected tooth in New York is Root Canal Treatment.

If the specialist feels that a filling will not cure the pain and the cavity is too deep, he or she will suggest you get a root canal done. Root Canal Treatment involves several steps, and the best root canal specialist in NYC will know how to go ahead. 

Initially, the root canal specialist will examine the tooth that is infected. An X-ray will be taken of the decaying tooth. The X-ray will reveal the extent of infection and whether an RCT is required for the tooth. If the infection has reached the pulp of the tooth, an RCT may be in order. Also, an X-ray reveals the number of root canals a tooth has got and makes the task easier for the dentist. Generally, a dentist will ask you to visit the clinic three times to get an RCT done. 

In New York during Root Canal Treatment, the first step will involve access opening of the tooth. This is done to reach the tooth’s innermost layer that has the blood vessels and pulp. Afterwards, the root canals are cleaned with small files. In the following visit, the dentist will do a thorough cleaning of the root canals and an anti-bacterial solution will be injected into the pulp of the tooth. The best root canal specialist in NYC will advise taking antibiotics depending on whether or not there is an infection.   

In the third visit, the dentist will do a permanent filling with a rubber-like material called gutta percha. The gutta percha is heated to seal them inside the root canal. Placing a crown over the treated tooth in New York is part of Root Canal Treatment.

After the root canal treatment is done, your tooth will become inert. There will be no sensation to anything that is hot or cold. This is because all the blood vessels and nerves have been extracted during the process of the RCT. However, you may feel that your tooth has become weak. It is a natural thing, however, since the tooth is essentially dead. To prevent any breakage, a crown is placed over the treated tooth. You can then bite into anything hard without risking any kind of damage. 

Without getting an RCT, you may suffer from problems like an abscess which may require surgeries. It is better to get an RCT to prevent you from further distress. New York is an expensive city. However, against the popular perception, Root Canal Treatment Cost in New York is affordable. The all-inclusive cost of an RCT in New York will include getting a crown.

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